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Simple and easy to install
SmartFeeder can be easily installed into any new or existing mains or bore connected reticulation system. You can do it yourself in as little as 30 minutes, or contact your local irrigation professional. Requires no electricity or batteries.

Where to install
SmartFeeder is designed for installation below ground inside a standard valve box. It can be installed on pressurised or non-pressurised reticulation systems. Install SmartFeeder between the main valve and first solenoid valve on your main line to fertilise your entire landscape.

DIY installation - what you’ll need
Items required for installation are available from your local irrigation retailer or hardware store.

Adaptors: PVC adaptors for connecting SmartFeeder to your reticulation system. Fits 25mm pipe or smaller. We recommend installation using removable adaptors such as barrel unions to allow servicing of SmartFeeder if required.
Valve Box: Required to protect your SmartFeeder from the elements. We recommend a rectangular valve box with a minimum internal height of 280mm.
Materials: Thread Seal Tape and PVC Solvent Cement.
Tools: Shovel and PVC Cutter or Hacksaw.
Backflow Prevention: For mains connected reticulation systems a compliant backflow prevention device is required. Not required with bore systems. Contact your local water authority for requirements in your area.
Liquid Fertiliser: Fertile Earth LiquidLife plant food.

Owner’s manual and installation guide
For comprehensive instructions on installing and operating your SmartFeeder download the Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide in PDF format (you will require Acrobat Reader to view PDF).

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