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About SmartFeeder
How to install
Environmental benefits
Benefits of fertigation
Technical information
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Why you’ll love it
Saves time
Takes the guesswork out of applying fertiliser
Feeds the entire garden and lawn
Makes growing a beautiful, healthy garden easy
Fully automatic - turns on and off with your reticulation
Water powered - requires no batteries or wiring
There’s no mixing, no pouring and no mess
Safe to use around children and pets
Saves water - no hand watering required

Why your plants will love it

Promotes healthier root development for more drought, disease and insect resistant plants
Reduces transplant shock and promotes faster recovery of stressed or damaged plants
Nutrients are immediately available to plants for strong, healthy growth
Feeds the roots and the leaves for faster nutrient uptake
Dispenses fertiliser evenly and at the correct rate for stable, even growth
Reduces over-fertilising, a major cause of excess nutrients in waters and rivers
Breaks the over-feeding followed by under-nourishment cycle of ordinary dry fertilisers
Stops fertiliser burn

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