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Reduces nutrients entering waters and rivers
University research has shown that on average only 10% - 20% of the nutrients in ordinary dry fertilisers are actually used by plants. The remaining nutrients are lost due to weather conditions, ‘tied-up’ in the soil or leach below the root zone into ground water, eventually finding their way into wetlands and river systems where they can cause severe damage to the environment.

Fertile Earth SmartFeeder increases the availability and uptake of nutrients allowing up to 90% of nutrients to be absorbed by your plants, not the environment. So you can use less fertiliser and get better results.

With SmartFeeder, you’re also not applying large doses of fertiliser all at once, or over-fertilising that often occurs with hand fertilising, so surface run-off of nutrients from heavy rains or watering is significantly reduced.

Saves water
Fertile Earth SmartFeeder encourages deeper root development which increases the surface area for plants to absorb moisture and nutrients. Consequently plants become more resistant to drought and disease requiring less water.

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