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Benefits of fertigation
Why liquid gives you better results
For nutrients to be available for plants to use, they need to dissolved in water. When you apply dry fertilisers, they sit on the ground until you water them in, and over time nutrients are lost due to weather conditions, leach below the root zone causing environmental pollution, or are "tied-up" due the chemical make up of the soil.

Liquid fertilisers like Fertile Earth LiquidLife plant food are quickly dissolved in water so the essential nutrients plants need to grow are immediately available. University research has found the nutrients in liquid fertilisers to be 90% to 95% available to the plant during the growing season. This means up to 95% of the nutrients are absorbed by your plants.

The availability of dry fertilisers on the other hand averages between 10% and 20%. So up to 80% of the nutrients in ordinary dry fertilisers is ineffective and wasted on your garden.

Plants also feed through their leaves as well as their roots making liquid fertiliser even more effective. What this means is you can use less fertiliser and get better results.

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